Stay New Homes ultimate goal is to deliver sustainable new homes with the desired level of Passivhaus and Zero Carbon emissions. We create stunning environmentally friendly living spaces that are designed to have a heating demand of up to ten times lower than traditionally constructed homes.



Stay New Homes energy saving working policies:

  • Promote environmental awareness among its employees and its sub and package contractors.
  • Promote the development of improved standards and methods of construction and manufacture, that are energy conscious and utilise construction materials in an efficient manner.
  • Adopt working methods which minimize damage to the environment.
  • Promote or maintain close relationships with enforcing authorities and other environmental organisations and groups as appropriate.
  • Working to an annual space heating requirement of less than 15kWh/(m2a).
  • Achieving total primary energy demand for space and water heating, ventilation, household appliances and lighting not to exceed 120 kWh/(m2a).
  • Reducing Air leakage to not exceed 0.6 air changes per hour.
By changing the way homes are designed and built – making them more environmentally efficient to construct and use, we can create homes which are easy to maintain, healthy to live in and affordable to heat – less than 50p per day, to heat space and water. Our Future Zero Carbon developments will not require mains electricity or gas and with carefully managed rainwater harvesting, fresh water cost’s
could be reduced by 50%

Low Cost – Better Living


This policy is well aligned with European Policy, specifically the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (recast) which requires all new buildings to be nearly Zero Energy Buildings from 2020 (nZEB), as described in Article 2 of the EPBD.

There are three core requirements which must all be met for a home to qualify as zero carbon:

The fabric performance must, at a minimum, comply with the defined standard known as the Fabric Energy Efficiency Standard (FEES) and

Any CO2 emissions that remain after consideration of heating, cooling, fixed lighting and ventilation, must be less than or equal to the Carbon Compliance limit established for zero carbon homes, and

Any remaining CO2 emissions, from regulated energy sources (after requirements 1 and 2 have been met), must be reduced to zero.

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Many well designed and energy efficient buildings experience overheating especially during hot spells in the summer months.

To overcome the problem Stay New Homes will incorporate shading solutions, improved summer ventilation through our mechanical systems, expelling excess cooking, bathroom moisture and heat, reversing heat pumps that provide cool air.

These measures are to ensure that all our properties work efficiently, reducing carbon emissions, yet creating a healthy and comfortable home to live in.